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4-camera video server (password protected) Best viewed with 1024 x 768 resolution

Acknowledgements: Please include the following support information on all publications and posters:

"Use of the National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, under Contract No. DE-AC02-98CH10886. Use of the X17B2 beamline was supported by COMPRES, the Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences under NSF Cooperative Agreement EAR 10-43050 and by the Mineral Physics Institute, Stony Brook University"

Original installation of SAM85 in the X17B1 hutch, 1990

Current installation of SAM2010 in the X17B2 hutch, 2011

X17B Operating Schedule

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SAM85 Users List (telephone and e-mail for local contacts)

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Data collected at X17-MAC

Lists of runs in:

2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 1989-2005

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Drawings of various cell designs



SAM85 Operating Manual

  • (documentation under construction January, 2006)

PLOT85 for Windows

Plot85 versions prior to 7.0.0 do not work under Vista.

  • Tutorial
  • Complete Instructions
  • For data collected between January 1, 2004 and prior to Dec 31, 2005, you must use Version 5.2.1a or later.
  • For data collected after January 1, 2006, you must Version 5.10.4 or later
  • For data collected after June 28, 2008, you must use version 7.4.4 or later
  • (for executable, see Software, above)
  • History of data formats and Plot85 version

    Run numbers
    data format
    Plot85 version
    1-18 11/89 - 8/8/90 6-column MCA none
    19-309 8/18/90 - 1-column MCA 6.3.5
    309-737   ?  


    APS-4 det 4.1.0


    APS-4 det 5.2.1a
    1038-1050 11/11/2005-11/21/2005 MAR none
    1051-1125 2/26/2006-9/25/2006

    APS 4 det

    1126-1307 9/26/2006-6/28/2008 MED 4-det  
    1308 6/29/2008 MED 10-det 7.4.x