Simultaneous Ultrasonic Interferometry and X-Radiation Measurements at X17B2 of NSLS to 20 GPa & 1773K

Baosheng Li, Ultrasonic Group of Mineral Physics Institute at Stony Brook University

We have developed techniques to conduct simultaneous ultrasonic interferometry, X-ray diffraction and X-ray imaging measurement on solid and liquids at high pressure and high temperature. A series of experiments on minerals relevant to the Earth’s deep interior as well as other functional materials under high-pressure and temperature have been performed and unprecedented data have been obtained. It is worth noting that similar techniques implemented at other synchrotron facilities around the world have all used X17B2/NSLS as a model experimental set-up. The greatest advantage of the current setup is that a combined analysis of the ultrasonic velocity and X-ray diffraction data on crystalline materials provides a unique means to determine the thermalelasticity with a direct determination of pressure using the sample itself. These techniques can also be applied to (1) reliably determine the density equation of state for glass/amorphous materials through the measurements of ultrasonic velocities with direct sample length measurements, (2) establish absolute pressure scales, and (3) conduct in-situ investigation on time-dependent processes such as phase transformation and melting. The newest development has enabled us to conduct these measurements up to 20 GPa in pressure and 1773 K in temperature.

This research was partially supported by COMPRES, EAR 10-43050

Liu, W. and Li, B. (2008) Elasticity of amorphous zirconium tungstate at high pressure. Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 191904, doi:10.1063/1.3023049)

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