Thermal Diffusivity by X-Radiography

The David Dobson Laboratory, University College London

A new method is derived to measure thermal diffusivity of samples at elevated pressure and temperature. X- radiograph images of a sample are analyzed to define the distance between two wires as a function of a time varying temperature. The phase lag of the line separation is determined as a function of radius. This phenomena represents the thermal pulse moving into the sample from the furnace. Thermal diffusivity is determined from the motion of the pulse.

With this technique, thermal diffusivity is measured for many materials relevant to the Earth’s interior.

This research was partially supported by COMPRES, EAR 10-43050

D Dobson, S Hunt, R McCormack, O Lord, D Weidner, L Li, A Walker, (2010) Thermal Diffusivity of MORB-composition Rocks to 15 GPa: Implications for Triggering of Deep Seismicity, High Pressure Res., 30(3), 406-414.

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