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SBU Professors Collaborate on NSF-Funded 'Materials Genome Initiative'

John Parise, a Brookhaven Lab solid-state chemist with a joint appointment at SBU, is the leader of a research team selected to receive an $800,000 Materials Genome Initiative award from the National Science Foundation. The team is using beamline X17 at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) to study photocatalysts and predict phase changes in materials under pressure.

BNL Researchers Debut New Glass Reactor to Study Battery Materials Synthesis

A team of Brookhaven researchers has fabricated a new transparent chemical reactor vessel that may give scientists in many fields a window into real-time chemistry. NSLS researchers Haiyan Chen and Jianming Bai helped to fabricate the novel reactor. As the x-rays pass through the transparent reaction vessel, they bounce off, or get diffracted by, the atoms in the reactor, producing a pattern that reveals the atomic structure of the various materials in the reactor and how they change as the reaction takes place.

Congratulations to Bob Liebermann for 2012 AGU Edward A. Flinn III Award!


Donald Weidner Awarded 2011 Inge Lehmann Medal

Donald J. Weidner was awarded the 2011 Inge Lehmann Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 7 December 2011 in San Francisco, Calif. The medal is for “outstanding contributions to the understanding of the structure, composition, and dynamics of the Earth’s mantle and core.”

SBU Geoscientists Predict New Compounds Could Change Our View of What Planets are Made of

STONY BROOK, NY, April 22, 2013 – A team of researchers led by Artem R. Oganov, a professor of theoretical crystallography in the Department of Geosciences, has made a startling prediction that challenges existing chemical models and current understanding of planetary interiors — magnesium oxide, a major material in the formation of planets, can exist in several different compositions. The team’s findings, “Novel stable compounds in the Mg-O system under high pressure,” are published in the online edition of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. The existence of these compounds — which are radically different from traditionally known or expected materials — could have important implications.

Farewell Party for Dr. Lyci George

A postdoctoral research associate in the ultrasonic group, Dr. Lyci George, is moving to the West Coast.  A farewell party was held and all MPI members wished her good luck in her new position.

Farewell Party for Dr. Liping Wang

After on the post for 11 years as COMPRES beamline scientist, Dr. Liping Wang is taking a position in the high pressure center of UNLV. All MPI members gathered at the farewell party and wished him good luck in his new position.


Farewell Party for Dr. Lyci George

A postdoctoral research associate in the ultrasonic group, Dr. Lyci George, is moving to the West Coast.  A farewell party was held and all MPI members wished her good luck in her new position.


MPI members attending 2010 Fall AGU

Many members of MPI attended 2010 Fall AGU meeting and presented papers, including poster presentations by Donald Weiner, Li Li, Hongbo Long, Wei Liu, Maining Ma and oral presentation by Baosheng Li.

New COMPRES Website Online

The new website is finally up and running! Go ..

MPI Members in COMPRES Workshop

Invited by the Brillouin scattering workshop organizers, Donald Weiner and Baosheng Li were invited to the COMPRES sponsored workshop and presented talks:

Donald Weidner: Inversion of Brillouin scattering data

Baosheng Li: Pressure scale independent equation of state: from experiment to data analysis.

MPI Member Awarded NNSA Grant

Baosheng Li of MPI at SUNY Stony Brook is one of the two researchers from New York states who have been awarded the DOE/NNSA grant. See news media reports here.

Stony Brook University Website News



New Publication on Molybdenum: Ultrasonics Data + DFT Calculations

This paper features new ultrasonic data to 12 GPa and theoretical calculations using Density Functional Theory, check out this paper (open it in new IE window) authored by Wei Liu, Qiong Liu, Matthew L. Whitaker, Yusheng Zhao, and Baosheng Li.. 

MPI postdoc Qiong Liu now a Professor in Beijing University!

MPI postdoc Qiong Liu (supervisor Baoseng Li)  has recently joined Beijing University in China. Congratulations to Qiong Liu for her new job!


Matthew Whitaker Joins Ehime University as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow!

After successfully defending his Ph.D thesis (Advisor Baosheng Li), Matt is a postdoctoral  research fellow in the G-COE program, Ehime University, Japan.


MPI Graduate student Mathew Whitaker awarded Outstanding Student Paper at 2008 AGU

Graduate student Mathew Whitaker was awarded outstanding student paper of 2008 Fall AGU.  See it in EoS

Tony Yu Joins GSECARS

After successfully defending his Ph.D thesis, Tony is a postdoctoral  research fellow at GSECARS/APS. .


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