Name Phone & E-mail Area of Expertise
Lars Ehm
Director of MPI
lars (dot) ehm (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Laser-heated diamond anvil cell, single-crystal and powder x-ray diffraction, diffraction data analysis, and spectroscopy at high-pressure.
Baosheng Li

Baosheng (dot) Li (at) stonybrook (dot) edu

Experimental studies of behavior and properties of geomaterials at high pressures using multi-anvil and diamond anvil cell, theoretical calculations using density functional theory; novel material synthesize, characterization, for industrial and energy applications
Li Li
Research Associate Professor
Li (dot) Li (dot) 2 (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Qingyun Li
Assistant Professor

qingyun (dot) Li (dot) (at) stonybrook (dot) edu

Robert Liebermann 
Distinguished Service Professor
Robert (dot) Liebermann (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Elasticity of high-pressure phases of mantle minerals Mechanisms and kinetics of phase transformations in silicates at high-pressures and temperatures using X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. Control and characterization of specimen environment in multi-anvil apparatus.
John Parise
john (dot) parise (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Crystallography and synthetic solid-state chemistry of earth materials, particularly transition metal oxide, and silicate and sulfide framework structures X-ray and neutron diffraction studies at high pressures and temperatures
Donald J. Weidner
Distinguished Professor and John S. Toll Professor of Mineral Physics

Donald (dot) Weidner (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Equations of state of solids at high pressures and temperatures using in situ X-ray diffraction at NSLS and multi-anvil apparatus. Brillouin spectroscopy of high-pressure phases as a function of pressure and for temperature.
Research Scientists
Matthew Whitaker


Matthew (dot) Whitaker (at) stonybrook (dot) edu

Beamline Scientist
Haiyan Chen


haiyan (at) bnl (dot) gov

Beamline Scientist
Postdoctoral Associates

Support Staff
Kenneth Baldwin 631-632-8206
kenneth (dot) baldwin (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Instructional Specialist
William Huebsch 631-632-8193
william (dot) huebsch (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Electronic Support
Samantha Lin 631-632-8241
samantha (dot) lin (at) stonybrook (dot) edu
Administratrive Support
Affiliated Faculty and Visitors
Frederic Bejina

frederic (dot)bejina (at) irap (dot) omp (dot) eu

Gabriel Gwanmesia

ggwanmesia (at) desu (dot) edu

Paul Raterron Paul (dot) Raterron (at) univ-lille(dot)fr
Michael T. Vaughan

Michael (dot) Vaughan (at) sunysb (dot) edu
Richard Triplett richard(dot)triplett(at)stonybrook(dot)edu Advisor: Donald Weidner
Mineral Physics Institute- Earth and Space Science Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-2100  Phone: (631) 632-8241