The Girdle

The third apparatus housed in the High Pressure Laboratory is known as The Girdle. Unlike the previous two machines, The Girdle is not a multi-anvil press. This apparatus makes use of a 500 Ton Harwood press with a girdled 2-anvil high pressure device. Essentially, this machine operates as an end-loaded piston-cylinder apparatus, with a large ram compressing the entire pressure vessel, and an interior piston that moves within the pressure vessel that independantly applies pressure to the sample region. This device is capable of acheiving pressures of up to around 30 kbar (3 GPa), but can accomodate a larger sample volume than the multi-anvil presses.

The Girdle is currently in the process of being repaired and refurbished, and as such currently is not operational. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated to include machine specs and cell assemblies.

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Page Last Modified August 21, 2007