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Hazard Review for Developing a Safety Protocol

In order to enhance laboratory safety at MPI, we need to develop written safety protocols, which are also known as "Standard Operating Procedures" or "SOPs".

The following information is derived from the Stony Brook University Environmental Health and Safety Hazard Reviews and Safety Protocols web page.

Principal Investigators and Lab Supervisors are required to prepare written safety protocols to ensure compliance, avoid fines and penalties, and prevent accidents. The written safety protocol must be made available to everyone working on the procedure with specific training to ensure that everyone gets the information they need to conduct their research safely.

A hazard review is a process that is used to determine if there are potential hazards and risks involved with a procedure.


A hazard is the way in which an object or a situation may cause harm. A hazard exists where an object, substance or situation has a built-in ability to cause an adverse effect. It is the intrinsic toxic properties of the chemical or biological material.


An exposure is the potential of the lab worker to be affected by the hazard. The amount of material used, dispersion potential (volatility, dustiness), operating temperature, frequency of use, and safety controls available must be determined.


Risk is the chance that an adverse effect will occur, and is determined by the hazard and the exposure.

Developing a Safety Protocol

Safety Protocol Information

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